Just What the Hell is My Problem, Anyways?

Misplaced frustration or really deserving of a bath?

This week has been a hellstorm of bad feelings situated around a blank page on Microsoft Word.  At one point, I was ready to declare war and set fire to my computer out of frustration.

I made a pledge to write three articles this week; it’s Sunday afternoon now and I’m writing my first. Suckish, I know.  I just couldn’t, for the life of me, think of anything to write about, despite more than enough time devoted to brainstorming.  I thought I was dead mentally.

I turned to one of my Awesome Aussie pal, Catherine’s, resources online and was slapped in the face with what felt like a week-old pufferfish.

I am taking myself way to seriously.

I am a super-duper perfectionist. Other self-proclaimed perfectionists are amateurs when you compare them to me.  That’s been impeding my writing here a lot because I don’t feel like what I’ve produced is worthy of the internet.  I wanted to fix the world with my writing, right here, right-fucking-now.  Yes, I felt like my stuff wasn’t good enough for a platform that houses 4chan.org (OH MY GOD PARTS OF THAT ARE NOT SAFE FOR WORK) and the Tumblr of every prepubescent child in America (those are probably safe for work, but I still don’t recommend investigating too closely).

The first blow came in the first minute of the first of Catherine’s videos–always nice to start with a swift punch to the gut, right?  People don’t read on the internet, they skim.  Hemingway and Faulkner wrote in books for a few good reasons, the first being that they didn’t have internet, the other being that nobody’s going to sit down and read a whole bunch of gritty, rough, and deep text for what could be said in a paragraph on the internet.  Nay, people are on the internet for grab-and-go writing.

This breaks my problem down quite nicely in to two issues.

I wanted to fix the world.

I need to lower my lofty ideals and realize that each of my entries is NOT going to tackle (and, of course, solve) some societal issue that has plagued mankind since its inception. Yes, my previous entry on homophobes was aimed at humanizing gay people a bit, but it isn’t going to change the world’s view overnight. Quite frankly, realizing this saved me and drastically expanded the pool from which I can pull content. As Catherine would say, “Awesome!”

You’re not here to read high literature.

Style. This one is going to be a struggle, I’m not going to lie. Really, though, if I’m going to be able to push out content, I need to stop writing epics (it took Homer a lifetime to write two, yaknow) and focus on what these are: entries, articles, posts, whathaveyou. They’re snippets of information designed to make you think a little. Save the drama fo’ yo’ momma, I’m here for lightbulb moments, and that’s what I’m going to deliver, goshdarnit.

So here’s what I’m going to do:

-I’m going to start using Write Attack! for posts (it’s what I wrote this on!). It’s a nifty tool to keep you on-task and producing work that I’m in love with, but I’ll let their website explain the specifics.

-I’m going to focus on some of the smaller things that will probably make people think about things closer to their daily life.  Yay, utility!

Here’s what I want YOU to do:

-Write something too. Use Write Attack! or don’t, I won’t mind, but do it. Ten minutes, two hundred words, put it in a Facebook note and send it to a friend. Doesn’t have to be about them or specifically directed to that friend, just throw a thought that’s worth thinking out there for them.

-Let me know below how it went!


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